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FMJ Power Amp 
5.7 Watt Class A Power Amplifier


Introducing the FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) Power Amp, a compact, Class A tube power amplifier in a die cast aluminum shell. Now that your tonal arsenal comes from your pedals, it may be the last amp you’ll ever need.

The FMJ power amp does not utilize a scaled or voltage starved power supply; The EL84 tube is working at full (high) voltages in single ended topography to produce a warm, immediate, and incredibly lifelike tone at an output of 5-7 watts class A, which sounds as loud as solid state amp of much higher wattage.

When paired with a high output preamp, the FMJ is loud enough for small gigs. It can be fronted by a boost or loud distortion pedal for living room/garage volumes, or it can also be plugged into direct, even with passive pickups, for late night solo jams at low volume.

The controls are simple; Volume, tone, and input are on the front, and the 8 ohm speaker output and power switch are on the back. The fuse is accessible at the AC socket, and the tube is easily replaced by removing the top lid.

Playing through a Class A tube power amp is a unique experience. The immediate response, incredible dynamic range, and crystalline tone make it an extension of your instrument. Hear what your gear sounds like in high definition for the first time.

The FMJ has a 8x6 inch footprint and will fit on almost any size speaker cabinet, or you can easily fit two on top of a 2x12 or 4x12 speaker cabinet and run a higher power stereo rig. The FMJ is equally suited to guitar, bass, synth, or even Hi-Fi/  Home Stereo use.

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