In January, I reached out to distortion sensei @dunwichdoomphd to see if he'd be interested in designing a parallel germanium distortion circuit to sit between an #EdisonPreamp and a #QtheEQ   He obliged, expanded the eq section, and modded the preamp for a little more gain. As it progressed, we decided to ditch the clean tones and focus on the dirt.

The result is the #ParabellumDrive , a ef86 tube driven 3 stage parallel germanium distortion with active and passive eq's, a tube boost switch, and a master volume switch.

The distortion stage begins with a buffer that splits the signal into three, with each going to a different germanium distortion; one traditional, one higher gain, and one hybrid diode/germanium distortion.

The eq section features the same musical interval spacing used in #QtheEQ but expands it to add bright and depth switches which lay a perfect fourth in interval above and below the bass and treble controls, respectively. The mid boost switch, tuned by Dunwich, fills out the mids for a multitude of available tones.

The mix of three distinct voices, each being processed independently then mixed back together, creates a dense, complex distortion not attainable through traditional, in-series processing.