The Arcane Synth is a five voice analog synthesizer that can be played manually or via Control Voltage.  Each voice can be played temporarily with the arcade buttons, or held on via the toggle switches above them.


On the left side, there are sliders to controls the filter, knobs to control the frequency, and switches to engage the CV input.  The controls are arranged bilaterally, not sequentially, ie - the thumb slider and the thumb button control voice one, the index fingers control voice 2, etc…


The five voices are grouped into two busses, the first for voices 1-4, and the second for voice 5.  The balance between these two busses can be controlled via the mix knob.


Each buss has an effects loop available via TRS jacks, so that different effect chains can be used for the two groups.  This allows voice 5 to be used as the dedicated CV voice for your sequencer with its own effects, leaving the first four voices playable and with their own effects.

Available Arcane Synths