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The Arcane Synth is a five voice analog square wave synthesizer that combines an arcade-style push button layout with two potentiometer controls for each voice: Pitch (oscillator frequency) and Filter (output pulse duration). The frequency range sweeps from ultra-deep lows to dog whistle highs and the filter allows sounds ranging from grating, glitchy, and cutting, to warm, thick, and smooth.

There is a buffered, joint Control Voltage input that can accept a variety of inputs from CV sequencers to samplers and more. The output is a 1/4 stereo jack that can drive headphones or be used with mono pedals or amplifiers when plugged into the first detent of the output jack.

The Arcane synth is fun as a stand alone instrument but was created to enhance your studio recordings. Tune each voice to the desired pitch and timbre, then create chords or melody lines to add to your tracks. Use a CV sequencer to add rhythmic pulses or turn the Arcane into a perfectly clocked glitch machine.

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