The Edison preamp was developed to address what we felt were the two shortcomings of all tube preamp pedals: requiring a wall wart or other obtrusive power supply, and fuzzy, distorted gain.  To solve these issues, we chose the EF86 tube,  which has long been a favorite of guitarists and recording engineers, and powered the preamp circuit with a voltage tripler which raises the effective plate voltage enough to provide ample headroom and over 20db of clean gain.


While the Edison is not a distortion pedal, it is powerful enough to overdrive an amp or another pedal, or provide a level appropriate for a recording interface.  The input can also be overdriven for a distinct, and very rough-edged pentode distortion.


There is no tone stack or settings apart from output volume.  This purist approach yields a warm, round, unmistakable boost that you'll never want to turn off and never need to fidget with. 

The Edison is particularly effective to warm up digital or solid state amplifiers, and can also be used in an effect loop as a power amp boost.  The Edison runs on standard 9V power, center negative, and requires 250ma. The preamp arrives in a custom wooden crate with our cross logo branded on it.