The Night Owl V3 is a low wattage (3W clean - 9W distorted) all tube power amp designed for bass and guitar players, but which meets the audiophile standards of hi-fi equipment.

The V3 employs an EF86 input tube and EL84 output tube in a Class A circuit topology that is radically different than any existing guitar or bass amplifier. The result is astonishing immediacy, an ultra wide frequency range, and a warmth of tone that cannot be rivaled by traditional 12ax7 based amplifiers.

Instead of focusing on volume, or features, the V3 is a bare-bones, purist power amplifier that is sensitive enough to be played direct, but primarily designed to slave to your your pedalboard, preamplifier, electronic instrument, or for re-amping studio tracks.

V3 Amp Demo by Jonny Lynn

V3 Amp Demo by Hondo Felder

Designed and built completely from scratch, each V3 amp is made with an aluminum enclosure, custom cabinet, and top shelf components assembled in a combination of point to point and turret board wiring.


The V3, at max volume, provides an excellent recording level in the studio, which allows you to use less compression, and retain more of the original dynamic feeling of your performance.  For the gigging musician, patching the line-out of your gigging amplifier to the V3 allows you to experience your tone at a much more intimate volume level and with a fidelity unmatched by larger, Class A/B amplifiers.


The V3 features 3 traditional power amp controls: Depth, Presence, and Volume. These controls both offer some tone shaping capabilities and the ability to compensate for the tonal variations that tube amplifiers exhibit at different volume levels.


Built completely from scratch, each amplifier is made in Greenwood Lake, NY and features audiophile components usually found in boutique stereo equipment including Edcor transformers, F&T and Sprague capacitors, and NOS tubes.