Unifying Object

The Unifying Object recreates the 3 channel setup and effects loop usually found in amplifier heads, but with the core tone of the channels coming from your own pedals.  It does this by combining an effects loop, a tube preamp, and an ultra high headroom solid state boost.


The center switch engages or bypasses the effects loop, to which you attach your pedals in series as usual; Fuzz and Overdrive effects followed by Modulation and Time effects.  


The right switch activates an Edison Preamp before the effects loop, which drives the fuzz or overdrive pedal that is first in your signal chain.  The all-tube Edison provides a very high input impedance for your incoming signal, and over 20db of clean gain from an EF86 tube.


The left switch activates our new C4 boost after the effects loop, which is an ultra high headroom, 3 eq band, clean solid state boost.  C4 has the headroom necessary to go last in your signal chain and boost your amplifier, and features a very powerful bass/tone control. 


By attaching multiple drive pedals in series in the loop, then choosing the appropriate one for each song to base your 3 channels on, you can keep the overall tone of each song consistent.


Since the Edison and C4 circuit boards are independent, UFO can also be used to drive two amplifiers by using a signal splitter, patching one cord into the Input and the other into the Loop Return, so that the Edison drives the Loop Send output, and C4 drives the Main output.