Q the EQ

The idea behind Q was to make the most boring pedal in the fx line up exciting again.  This began with reconsidering the fundamentals of frequency choice, and musicality.  


We experimented with boosting only frequencies of the same musical note, until a winner emerged.  The low boost is 2 octaves below the mid boost, and the treble boost 3 octaves above the mid boost.  This keeps the combination of the three controls musical, and a lot of fun to play with.

Next, we added the same voltage tripling circuit found in our Edison preamp to allow Q to be placed after even the loudest distortion pedal without overloading.  Which makes it very good for metal.

For the wah style version, we made the mid control foot sweepable which added a new and interesting dimension to the circuit.  The bass boost, which is centered far below most EQ pedals, provides a serious oomph quality and percussive attack, providing almost synth like bass tones.


Q the EQ review by Brian Johnston

Q the EQ review by Pedal of the Day

Q version 1 with lot tuned distorted guitar

Q the EQ prototype video