Reintroducing Q the EQ.

Three equalization bands, tuned to the same musical note, and now supercharged with the same internal voltage tripler found in our Edison Preamp. This increased headroom lets you place Q after your other pedals without overloading, allowing you to shape your overall tone instead of just your dry signal.

The bass and treble knobs are on the sides of the unit, and the mid-range is controlled by your foot sweep. In heel position, the mids are cut, and in toe position they are boosted. The sound isn’t cutting or narrow like a wah, so Q is perfect for getting that “scooped” sound when the bass and treble are maxed, or a mid swell / volume style effect when the bass and treble are cut.


Runs on any standard 9v/100ma center negative supply. 

Each unit is drilled, machined, finished, wired, and assembled in Greenwood Lake, NY by our own local staff.

Units ship in a custom wooden crate branded with the Q logo and neoprene padded to fit the pedal snugly.

Q the EQ

$225.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price