Sold out.  May be re-released in pedal format sometime in 2019.


Meet Q.  A powerful, musical EQ.


Three bands, centered at musical frequencies in three intervals, with a massive 40db of cut/boost and the increased headroom allowed by 18v operation.


While useful on any instrument due to its wide spectrum, Q is particularly suited for lead, low tuned, and high gain guitar sounds in the following ways:


  • The lowest band centered at  allows true amplification of the low string on a guitar tuned as low as two full steps below standard E tuning.


  • The 3/2 octave spread between frequencies makes both the “scooped mids” and “maxed mids” common in metal guitar sounds come to life in exaggerated form.


  • Using Q as a lead boost with the treble rolled off and the bass turned up gives a percussive attack to notes and quiets the ear bleed from heavily distorted leads.


When using the two together, the Oscar preamp should be first in your signal chain, and Q last.


Like all of our products, each Q handmade in Greenwood Lake, New York using only in-house and local labor.  The first batch will feature a unique black on black early computer age finish that will not be repeated, and each Q includes a voltage doubling cable so you can use two 9V outputs on your current pedal supply for the required 18V.