This product has been discontinued. 


This is the first production batch of the Owl's Nest speaker cabinet, designed by Night Owl Industries, then refined and brought to life by woodworker Fiddle Lee Dee.  A limited edition run, each cabinet is made from a single plank of cedar and features a 15W Weber 8" Signature 4 ohm speaker chosen specifically for the Night Owl 2:3.  


The outward facing edges are bookmatched for a continuous grain flow around the cabinet, and the two tiered edges are bookmatches at the end grain facing front.  Carriage bolts and anodized aluminum grilles secure the speaker and damper plug which, in conjuction with a shrunken speaker cutout, work together reduce speakers' edge and cone sounds and emphasize the  "sweet spot" .


The cabinets, like the amplifiers, are made in unique baches and subject to availability.



Owl's Nest Cabinet