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The most extragavant and latest edition of our acclaimed Oscar Preamp, the Mariner batch is limited to 25 pieces and features NOS Svetlana EF86 tubes, NOS Panasonic signal caps, Sprague electrolytic caps, and ultra bright amber LED's.  


The Oscar Preamp is a bare bones, all-tube, 100% analog EF86 preamp that can be used as a front end on a pedalboard or recording rig, in the fx loop of an amplifier, or in any other signal chain where a pentode boost of around 20db comes in handy.  


The preamp runs on 18V dc and includes a voltage doubling cable so you can use it with two spaces on a stadard 9v power supply.  Circuit requires 200ma to operate and polarity is center negative.




See our pages on instagram and youtube for reviews and demos, or the original "Raw Industry" listing for more uses and details.  Note: These are not mass produced, they are completely hand made items. Each is scribed, drilled, filed, wired, assembled, and glued by hand. Please allow for small discrepancies between units in appearance.

Oscar Preamp - Mariner Finish