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This is Oscar.  


An all-tube EF86 preamp that can fit anywhere and be used in any signal chain


- As a front end for an always-on clean boost, or in its own loop as a switchable boost.


-In your FX loop to push your amp harder and create a footswitchable overdrive channel


- To overdrive an amp or distortion pedal, or to use a distortion or boost pedal to overdrive Oscar


- In your recording or mixing setup to add warmth, volume, and character to tracks.


Oscar operates on 18V DC and has no transistors, chips or digital emulations, just a satisfying helping of pentode tube gain wherever you want it. With no tone stack to muck things up, it sounds equally great on guitar, bass, synths, or any other electronic source.  With passive pickups, it acts as a clean boost.  After a boost pedal it goes into overdrive, an with a very strong signal Oscar goes into full on clipping distortion.  Placed last into your chain, Oscar can drive your amp from clean to overdriven or very saturated.


18v supply NOT INCLUDED.  Please use 18V Negative Center power supply of at least 200ma.

Patent Pending.  Made in the USA.

Oscar Preamp - Candy Red