NIGHT OWL 2:3 Amplifier


- All tube, class A amplifier and slave unit for studio or small venue

-3 Watts clean to 10 Watts distorted, 4 & 8 ohm outputs + line out  

- From full bodied, tight, and warm to raw, loose, and overdriven tones

- Hand picked NOS EF86 input and EL84 output tubes tested on Amplitrex 

- Unique, patented design available in small batch seasonal finishes

- Shaped, welded, finished, and wired by hand in Greenwood Lake, NY


The Night Owl 2:3 represents a radical new approach to amplifier design, construction, and use through an algamation of new and old technologies, traditonal and innovative craftsmanship, and unique artistic vision.  The circuit is based on British topologies of the 1950's and employs an EF86 preamp and EL84 power amp in Class A operation with an output of 3W clean to 9W distorted. There are no volume or eq controls, only a negative feedback control. The users instrument, or last device in their signal chain, controls both the volume and the gain.  The amplifier can easiily power a 4X12 cabinet, or be used with a 1X8 if playing with the guitar volume set low.

Night Owl 2:3 - New Industry