Monolith is a custom voiced clean boost with very high headroom and a powerful tone control.


The increased headroom allows it to be placed after all of your other effects, adding volume, clarity, and bass to your fully processed signal without overloading.


The tone control allows for sounds ranging from a treble/midrange boost that will cut through any mix, to a very low bass boost that can add depth to echo and reverb pedals, and percussive qualities to tremolo effects and staccato notes.


Re-create the 3 channel setup found in multi-stage amplifiers by using an Edison Preamp first in the chain to overdrive your fuzz or distortion pedals, then using Monolith last in your chain to overdrive your amplifier.


Monolith features an electronic relay switching system for ultra-quiet operation, and each batch of pedals is unique and handmade in Greenwood Lake, NY.

Monolith Post Amp