The Edison Preamp is an all-tube preamp pedal that provides 20-25db of clean gain from an EF86 tube without the need for a wall wart. The Edison runs on 9v/250ma, so almost any brick style power supply with higher current outputs will work. The warm, unmistakeable tone it offers has made it a staple on hundreds of bass and guitar pedalboards.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new shutter style cutout window for a more rugged, road-ready design. The acrylic window is gone, so there is more venting to allow the unit to run a little cooler. The foot switch has also been upgraded to the same ultra-soft touch model used on our Parabellum Drive pedal.

The original circuit found in the first 5 batches is fully intact, but flipping the toggle on the side of the unit engages a boost mode designed by Dunwich Amps that gives you a louder, edgier sound that is great for pushing your favorite drive pedal or amp into deeper saturation, or just giving your clean tone some edge and additional volume.


It’s leaner, meaner, easier to switch, and thanks to a stunning pearl black powder coat with additional gloss coating, even easier on the eyes.  

Edison Preamp