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Edison Batch 2 now available in 50 unique hand crafted finishes created in a continuous 18 hour improvised session with a drill press and file. Choose your unique finish and colors for a truly custom pedal.


*** The unit pictured is #14. If you order #14 you cannot choose your colors since the unit is finished***


The circuit remains the same and features sprague electrolytic capacitors, Panasonic output capacitors, Rubycon input capacitors, a Svetlana EF86 tube, and the same great Edison tone.


This batch features your choice of green, blue, white, or bluish-purple (pictured) tube LED lights and either green, blue, or pinkish-purple foot switches (pictured). The footswitch and tube purple LED’s are different shades as presented in the picture.


*** We have many pink/purple foot switches so those will ship within 7 days of purchase. For all other footswitch colors please allow a maximum of an additional 2 weeks.


Reserve your by purchasing. Shipping begins 4/9/19, with all orders shipping within 7 days of purchase except as indicated above.




Meet Edison.


An all-tube EF86 tube preamp pedal with a built-in voltage tripler so you can get real tube tone with any 9 v / 250 ma power source.  


The perfect front end for your guitar, bass, or recording rig. 


Also excellent for overdriving tube amps or making solid state amps sound fuller.


Try it in front of your favorite distortion pedal or another tube effect for endless possibilities.


Simple, effective, and easy on the eyes.

Edison Preamp Easter Batch - Finish #17