Pre-Order is now CLOSED. We wil resume general sales when all pre-order units have been fulfilled near the end of March.





Meet Edison.


An all-tube EF86 tube preamp pedal with a built-in voltage tripler so you can get real tube tone with any 9 v / 250 ma power source.  


The perfect front end for your guitar, bass, or recording rig. 


Also excellent for overdriving tube amps or making solid state amps sound fuller.


Try it in front of your favorite distortion pedal or another tube effect for endless possibilities.


Simple, effective, and easy on the eyes.


Retail price: $225. Pre-Order Special $195




This pre-order is for units #41-50 of the first batch of Edison Preamps.  #1-40 are sold.

The footswitch and tube LED's on the first batch will be GREEN.

#41- #50 are scheuled to ship during the 3rd and 4th weeks of March..

Purchasers will receive weekly updates on production via email until unit is shipped.

You may contact us with any questions at



Edison Preamp - Batch 1