Ready to try something different?


The Arcane Synth is a five voice analog synthesizer that can be played manually or via control voltage.  Each voice can be played momentarily with buttons, or held with the toggle switches on the right side of the unit.


For each voice, there are faders to control the filters, knobs to control the pitch, and toggle switches on the left side to engage the CV input.  The controls are arranged bilaterally, not sequentially, i.e. the thumb fader and thumb button control voice one, etc...


The five voices are grouped into two busses: The first four voices in buss 1, and voice five alone in buss 2.  The balance between these two busses is controlled by the mix knob.  


Each buss has its own effects loop available via TRS jacks so that different effects can be used on each buss.  This allows voice 5 to be used as a dedicated CV voice with its own effects, leaving the first four voices playable with their own effects.


What does it sound like?


Here are some in-house demos we've posted on Instagram:


And here is our "official" demo by Pedal of the Day:


What's it good for?


- Add thick, analog backing notes or chords to your recordings, including 5 and 7 chords, while manually sweeping the filters for effect.


- Create four-note melodies over a repeating background sequencer track; Perfect for film scoring where repeating themes with variations are used.


- Build a custom instrument by combining Arcane with a desktop sequencer and your favorite guitar and bass pedals on a pedalboard.


- Use your new "noise board" any time you need inspiration and sonic madness that can't be achieved with your normal instrument rig.


Arcane doesn't require any knowledge of musical theory or notes, you just turn the pitch knobs to whatever notes or noises you like and play them naturally, by tapping your fingers.  The placement of the buttons has been optimized to be as close to your fingers natural resting positions as possible.




The Arcane Synth runs on standard pedal voltage: 9v, with center negative polarity.  Power Supply NOT included.  The surface is hand finished aluminum, and the case is a custom wooden crate.  All jacks, switches, buttons, and potentiometers (both slide and rotary) are surface mounted to the chassis, not PCB mounted, so that any part can be switched out in the future if needed.  Capacitors will be the same NOS Panasonic as used in our Edison Preamps, and all switches will be authentic Carling toggle switches.  All units are built one at a time in our facilities in Greenwood Lake, NY and designed for a lifetime of hands-on use.


Arcane Synth